Asics Gel FujiSetsu GTX
Asics Gel FujiSetsu GTX

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Asics Gel FujiSetsu GTX

5 reasons to buy

This shoe uses GORE-TEX waterproof upper material.
Many testers praised the presence of protective elements, such as a protective plate against stones, which protects the foot from debris and harsh surfaces.
Solyte® Midsole is a durable and responsive layer that effectively holds your foot.
Many runners felt the cushioning properties of the rear and front gel cushioning systems.
Reviewers got the FujiSetsu GTX outsole design for a particular track, as it helps them easily get around the environment.

3 reasons not to buy

There were runners who felt that the Gel FujiSetsu GTX was too stiff to restrict the movement of their legs.
Some thought it was a tight fit.
These are very heavy shoes for the male and female versions

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Asics Gel FujiSetsu GTX

Asics FujiSetsu GTX Gel is a great offer for track runners who want more protection and safety on the track. While some complain about the weight of the shoes and the narrow fit, others still consider the FujiSetsu GTX a reliable running companion. Shoes are neutral shoes that confidently lead adventurers forward.

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