Asics Gel Torrance Trail Asics Gel Torrance Trail Asics Gel Torrance Trail Asics Gel Torrance Trail
Asics Gel Torrance Trail Asics Gel Torrance Trail Asics Gel Torrance Trail Asics Gel Torrance Trail

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Asics Gel Torrance Trail

5 reasons to buy

People have mentioned that the lightweight nature of the Asics Gel Torrance Trailis a boon for fans of all-day adventures.
The underfoot system is praised for cushioning the foot responsibly.
Some users have noted that this trail running shoe has a versatile construction that permits quick transitions to flat surfaces.
The silhouette of this product is welcomed because it is sporty yet not obnoxiously large.
Several purchasers have noted that the price is affordable.

2 reasons not to buy

A few people have complained that the platform is a bit thin for long-term support.
A couple of users have noted that the midfoot part of the upper restricts the foot and chafes the skin.

Size and fit

The standard sizing schemes were used when the Asics Gel Torrance Trail was made. Runners are welcome to get this product with their usual choices of size in mind. However, being able to test it personally or study reviews that cover the sizing aspect can better the perception of comfort and a secure in-shoe environment.


The outsole unit of the Asics Gel Torrance Trail is made of a rubber compound that covers the whole bottom part of the midsole. The layer shields the foam from the abrasive nature of the surfaces, thus preserving its structure and efficacy.

A trail specific configuration permits the external pad of this shoe to handle off-road paths. Gripping lugs clamp onto the surfaces, delivering balance and confident movements.


The midsole unit of the Asics Gel Torrance Trail is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). This compound has the job of shielding the foot from the impact shock generated by the striking phase of the gait cycle. It also carries the foot throughout the running session, giving a responsive experience that can energize the toe-off. EVA is used by many running shoe series, including the Hoka One One Speedgoat line.

A sockliner is placed right above the main cushioning unit. This add-on is meant to add a bit more comfort for the underside of the foot. It can be removed or replaced with a new one if the wearer wishes to do so.


A multilayered close-weave mesh is used for the upper unit of the Asics Gel Torrance Trail. This accoutrement holds the foot in place and keeps it from wobbling inside the interior compartment. Small trail detritus are staved off because it doesn’t have a very open construction.

Overlays are stitched onto the facade. These layers are designed to help the upper unit when it comes to the security and steadiness of the foot. They also bolster durability as they prevent trail debris from bruising the fabrics.

The padded tongue and collar aim to cushion the topmost portions of the foot. The Achilles tendon, the ankles, and the curved bridge of the foot can benefit from an in-shoe hug that is soft and supportive.

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Asics Gel Torrance Trail

The general reaction of people to Gel Torrance Trail was very positive. This Asic. Attractive design and affordable price are also highlighted. Lovers of running shoes that are suitable for both everyday use and an active lifestyle can enjoy Asics Gel Torrance Trail.

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