Nike Air Max Plus Particle Pink /Sail / Brown Rubber / Brown Nike Air Max Plus Particle Pink /Sail / Brown Rubber / Brown
Nike Air Max Plus Particle Pink /Sail / Brown Rubber / Brown Nike Air Max Plus Particle Pink /Sail / Brown Rubber / Brown

Nike Air Max Plus Particle Pink /Sail / Brown Rubber / Brown buy at a good price

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Nike Air Max Plus Particle Pink /Sail / Brown Rubber / Brown

Introduced in 1998, the Nike Air Max Plus sneakers come in a new version with an elastic synthetic upper and Air-Sole inserts for lightness and cushioning with every step.

Model color: Particle Pink / Sail/Brown rubber/Brown
Model: 605112-603

8 reasons to buy

A significant number of users believe that Nike Air Max Plus provides a good fit.
Many users consider the new color solutions of classic sneakers of the late 1990s stylish, fashionable and fashionable even for the younger generation.
The air Max Plus Shoe's air cushioning in the heel and forefoot makes every step comfortable, according to most of its users.
This provides a satisfactory support for the ankle, reported by several users.
Quite a lot of people claim that the shoes are very light.
Many buyers like OG colors that evoke nostalgia.
Numerous reviewers claim that the air permeates the breathable textile upper material well.
Some comment that the rubber sole has excellent grip on the ground.

2 reasons not to buy

Some customers have problems with quality control, poor finishing and Assembly of some of their shoes.
The review notes that the shoes had to break at the collar, tongue and lace part to make them comfortable, as they are too stiff when first used.

Size and fit

The Nike Air Max Plus has a perfect fitting with a reliable locking and lacing system. Reviews of this Shoe have shown that it fits the size and has a comfortable interior, suitable for wearers with a narrow, medium and wide leg.

Nike Air Max Plus Style

With technology that was recognized as first-class in 1998, the Nike Air Max Plus was initially presented in a hyperspace design in the Hyperblue color scheme that drew everyone to its superior air cushioning technology. This silhouette was designed in modern colors, which is ideal for men and women of the new Millennium. Nike Air Max Plus's favorite modern color options include blue, black, tiger, maroon, and breath-taking shades that blend perfectly with the ever-changing tastes of the younger generation of clothing.

High-quality materials consisting of leather, rubber and mesh, fused and injected together to form a rib-like support, create the image of a serious player in the category of lifestyle sneakers. Adapting to today's generation, running crepes have passed to different generations of sneaker fans, easily capturing viewers who have barely seen or worn shoes since the late 1990s.

Nike Air Max Plus sneakers for men and women

For men

Nike Air Max Plus sneakers, designed in a retro style for runners and presented in several exciting colors, are now stress-free, as sneakers have become fashionable in the growing fashion of sports recreation.

Men's Nike Air Max Plus pairs best with sports joggers in casual shorts for men. Surpass those with sports shirts and tight t-shirts for a sporty look that will make you look ready for the gym or grab a few Beers at a nearby bar. Color choices like Nike Air Max Hyper Blue and Nike Air Max Plus All Black are great sneaker color options for those looking for beats to match almost all the types of clothing they have in their closet.

For women

Women's Nike Air Max Plus sneakers are best combined with skinny jeans or leggings to emphasize the sporty atmosphere and fashion. Cool colors make it easy to wear sports wear to everyday casual street clothes. These are the perfect shoes to choose if you need versatility in their shoes, which can be used from fitness classes to running errands such as going to the supermarket for the family or buying display cases at a nearby shopping center.

For example, an all-red Nike Air Max Plus might be bright enough to become the center of women's clothing. Orange and Burgundy Nike Air Max Plus, thanks to its bright tones, can be worn for a more feminine touch to the sporty image of the day.

Popular color solutions and collaboration

When Nike Air Max Plus was launched in 1998, the color scheme of these iconic og sneakers played an important role in its initial success in retail. Among the most popular color solutions are Nike Air Max Plus Hyperblue, Nike Air Max Plus, Grey Shark and Nike Air Max Plus Orange Tiger, which are made in beautiful color gradients.

The popularity of the McDowell Air Max Plus design continued for several decades, when many exceptional colors were released to quench the thirst of its most ardent followers in search of new color solutions that match their fashion styles. Nike Air Max Plus has also contributed to the introduction of other air cushion Shoe models, such as the Nike Vapormax Plus, among other recent Shoe models.

In popular culture, Nike Air Max Plus in black and Nike Air Max Plus in white are used because they are quite easy to take off. Men's Nike Air Max Plus blue, green and Hyper-blue colors are perfect for athletic guys. Women's Nike Air Max Plus sneakers in red, olive, pink, maroon and purple have become quite popular among women's sneakers. For both sexes, metallic tones give the silhouette much-needed bright hues, like the color scheme of Nike Air Max Plus gold or silver bullets.

Known features

For retro sneakers, the most notable feature of the Nike Air Max Plus is its sneaker silhouette, which ignites the love of sneaker fans for this well-designed and executed Shoe. Thanks to the cushioning air Max soles in the forefoot and heel, Nike Air Max Plus shoes can only provide comfortable conditions, a fantastic fit and better support. The plastic-like exoskeleton on top of the textile upper also helped a lot in maintaining the Dorm and providing extra protection for the legs.

Although it can no longer serve as a formidable running Shoe for this generation of runners, the Tuned Air cushioning system, made famous by the Nike Air Max Plus Shoe, continues to provide a unique and unprecedented balance between support and cushioning.

Nike Air Max Plus History

When Nike released the Nike Air Max Plus in 1998, it immediately became a hit. With its Hyper-high appearance that seemed to come from space, many sneaker fans became converts as this runner eclipsed the Air Max 97 runner released just a year before this Shoe.

Better known then as the Nike TN or Tuned 1 for some old model fans, the Nike Air Max Plus with its original Hyperblue, Orange Tiger and Grey Shark that soon followed has been resurrected in recent years due to the constant demand for these kicks.

In 1998, everything that was inspired by technology seemed to have gained a huge following as the world enters the new Millennium. The timing of the release of the Nike TN or Air Max Plus was just at a time when the Air Max 95 had already paved the way for its design with unique rubber bands or a kind of exoskeleton on the sides and full-length air cushioning on the bottom. What further ignites interest in this Shoe is the color gradient that seemed to disappear at the top, as if spray-painted, which snapped those who loved the color game of the new Air Max.

Another reason for continued interest in the Nike Air Max Plus is its premium price, which some fans believe is expensive. It would seem that above-average prices make the shoes a favorite among fans who need premium hits that are not easy to devalue.

Design inspires

Designed by experienced Shoe designer Sean McDowell, the original design of the Air Max Plus was bold as the original Nike Air cushioning system. The air cushioning unit has been combined with the Tuned Air system, where individual airbags provide high impact protection.

The Nike Air Max Plus in both men's and women's designs also has a plastic sock for extra sock protection. Meanwhile, the appearance of the rubber frame that covered the sprayed on brightly colored paint that disappears into the top and flat lacing of the tube completed the appearance. All of these visuals related to modern Shoe design were inspired by McDowell's vacation in Florida, which reinterprets the sunset and the palm trees that grow in the sky.

While on vacation in Florida, Recalling one of his most creative moments, he drew Florida sunsets and wide curved palm trees that became the inspiration for the design of the iconic sneaker. He thought of palm trees bending in the wind and thought it might provide stability, and incorporated these palm-reselling lines into the design of a quarter panel of shoes.

A few months later, McDowell, who at the time was working for the first year at the retail Shoe giant in 1997, was given the task of working with one of The largest footlocker retailers to come up with shoes using Tuned Air and then new air. The depreciation technology they call "Sky Air". He began sketching designs using various palm-tree sunsets, which resulted in a recognizable gradient of the upper and thermoplastic vinyl exoskeleton of Nike Air Max Plus shoes.

Another distinctive feature of this sneaker is the shank that runs from the bottom of the sole to the middle sole. Also unmistakably unique to the design is the longer and smoother than usual Swoosh logo, which adds personality to the model.


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