Vans Slip-On Black/White
Vans Slip-On Black/White

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Vans Slip-On Black/White

Classic Slip-On is a canvas slip-on top. The model has a soft edging, elastic inserts on the sides and a rubber sole with a waffle tread.

Texture: 100% textile Sole: 100% rubber

9 reasons to buy

A large number of reviewers praised the comfort provided by Vans Slip-On.
Most users especially like the fact that it takes very little effort to dress it.
Many customers think the shoes are stylish and classic.
This pair is available in countless colors and designs, delighting most buyers.
The simplicity of the strike makes it easy to match with a wide range of clothing, according to many customers.
A large number of buyers are happy to receive compliments when they wear shoes.
Most owners say that the pair fits perfectly.
Some applauded its time-tested quality.
The price of Slip-On sneakers from Vans is very affordable.

2 reasons not to buy

The video reviewer mentioned that the bump started to smell when he stopped wearing socks.
Several consumers noticed that at first the shoes look a little cozy and hard.
Lower limit
Vans Slip-On remains one of the best-selling Shoe models to date. Its refreshingly simple design and comfort make it an indispensable assistant in the rotation of every Shoe owner.

The modest style of this Shoe and its rich history have contributed to its unshakeable popularity. ultimately, when it comes to time-tested style, adequate comfort, versatility and personality, there is hardly a mistake with Vans Slip-On .

Size and fit

The canvas top of this low top, as some owners have already mentioned, starts to feel stiff and tight, which will eventually break after the first few uses. Therefore, if you have the option to check them out at a local store, try them with and without socks. Vans Slip-On is available in men's and women's sizes.

Vans Slip-On Style

Among the popular shoes in the Vans sneaker line, this kick exudes a cool vintage vibe and a timeless style that goes well with almost everyone. Its minimal design brings with it a rich history that makes consumers of all ages want to copy the pair. In addition, the countless design options for this Shoe also means that you are likely to find the perfect pair that will best suit you.

Men's style

Thanks to its simplified design, Vans Slip-On sneakers are relatively easy to wear and can almost match any ensemble. Guys can mix their looks and try different themes or vibes.

Here are some tips that men can try. The combination of Vans Classic Slip-On shoes with ripped jeans and a hoodie will help create a stylish look. If you are not afraid to mix different styles, you can wear cropped chinos, t-shirts with bows on your feet. And finally, for a more elegant look, dressing a couple in dark trousers, a crisp button-down top and a coat, you can look sharp but at ease during an evening walk with the boys.

Women's style

Ladies, who are also highly valued for their convenience and versatility, also cannot wear Vans Classic Slip-On shoes. Therefore, most women will not find it difficult to reach this couple, what their plans for the day are.

Choose a metallic pair to match your office ensemble so that you feel comfortable and look fashionable during multiple meetings. The leopard print style goes perfectly with any simple outfit, making it a great choice for those days when you're in a hurry. If in doubt, reach for the neutral Vans Slip-On color, but with a textural twist like perforated leather and suede iterations. Finally, you can choose a Maxi dress for an ultra-light and casual look.

Known features

Being the first sneaker to wear a sliding design, the Vans Slip-On is remarkable in itself. It is a pioneer when it comes to classic Shoe designs, and has become one of the most repeated silhouettes in Shoe history. The design of these sneakers is one of the most iconic and most recognizable shoes in the world. Aesthetically, its minimal and simple design makes it great, as it never goes out of fashion and speaks for itself.

As for functionality, most consumers love the convenience of sliding. The model uses garters to keep the feet safe and in place.

The History Of Vans Slip-On

First introduced in 1977 as style # 98, Vans Slip-On quickly found its place on the budding surf and ice skating scene in California in the late 70s. Shoes have become the brand's solution to meet market demand, which can be worn without the fuss of shoelaces. The inspiration for the design was taken from the silhouette of the Shoe, which was a product of van Doren from his old company to Vans. Despite the fact that they are designed for skateboarding, most skaters of the 70s did not take a pair because of its tendency to weaken after a while, but surfers liked it and they put it on after their training in the ocean.

The sneakers came to prominence in 1982 when the Slip-On in chess print attracted international attention, as Sean Penn wore it in the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". This introduced shoes to a whole new generation and made chessboard printing synonymous with the brand. The inspiration for van's chessboard came unexpectedly from the children of Paul van Doren, who customized the pair's middles to the drawing. Paul ended up applying the print on the top of the Shoe and became the most iconic Slip-On look since.

The punch remains the main one and is named one of Wang's favorite silhouettes. From being known as a skater and kick surfer, it's now recognized by everyone - from obsessed Disney kids to streetwear enthusiasts and even high-end fashion houses. Slip-On has become a favorite activity for generations, skaters and enthusiasts, and is rightfully included in the Vans Classic list. Its individual design and vulcanized sole have been repeatedly recognized and replicated around the world.

In 2016, the video "Damn Daniel" became popular on several social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Vine and YouTube. The video was an edited compilation of two teenage boys named Daniel Lara and his friend Joshua Holtz, where Lara was seen strolling around their school while Holtz praised him on his white Vans Slip-On shoes, repeatedly saying " Damn, Daniel!" and sometimes following a catchphrase that read "Come back with the white vans".

This video sparked sales of the Vans white Slip-On catapult and eventually earned Lara a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers. Two high school students even showed up for an interview with Ellen in Vans Slip-On shoes.

Celebrities also fell ill with Vans Slip-On fever, and many of them were accidentally filmed. Personalities such as Gigi Hadid, Hugh Jackman, Justin Bieber, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez were seen stylishly donning Van Slip-On sneakers. While twilight star Kristen Stewart decided to celebrate the day she was honored as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a pair of Vans Checkerboard Slip-On, forever etching the brand's waffle sole on the famous cement Walk.

Slip-On Vans is available with an infinite number of colors, prints, and materials offering something for every type of consumer. Its easy use, relaxed classic style and endless set of design options represented a specific time and place, and will remain timeless in the coming decades-a sign of true classics.

The Classification Of Vans Slip-On Shoes

In the more than four decades since its inception, not to mention the height of fame and reputation that Vans Slip-On has achieved, it is only inevitable that countless iterations have reached daylight. Versions of this sneaker are extensive and designed for any type of consumer. Being exceptionally prominent in the world of skateboarding, Slip-On has expanded its audience range to toddlers, Disney fans, seasoned fashion consumers, and streetwear fanatics.

The different types of Vans Slip-On can be divided into three groups: color, print, and materials used. Below are some models divided into the three groups mentioned above.

Some of the Vans Slip-On color scheme options are classics like real white, black, black / black, dark blue and charcoal, while brighter colors like coral, Aqua green, trendy flower, birch, sea mist, ballerina, rainbow, dark cheddar, ochre, dry rose, dark green grass and wild dove can instantly enhance your everyday image.

Various prints and patterns are also of vital importance for the history of this shot, especially the imprint of a chessboard. However, there are other models available for taking. Try wearing these following prints to mix it up a bit: leopard, Chevron, feathers, forest camouflage, tartan, skulls, abstraction, tie dye, tiger, alien, and flame checkers.

The materials used are also important for the overall comfort and aesthetics of the shoes. Some fabrics are perfect for summer, while others are designed for the colder season, and textures can enhance a simple design. Some of the textures released were perforated leather, metal trim, embossed snakeskin, satin, twill, canvas, flannel, suede, and fleece. Finally, Vans Slip-On with platform midsoles is also available for an avant-garde option that can increase height.

Additional information

These shoes are sometimes called Vans Classic Slip-On.
Consumers can create and customize their own pair of Vans Slip-On via the brand's official website.
The padded collar and insole provide additional cushioning and comfort.

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