Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD
Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD Puma Smash SD

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Puma Smash SD

 8 advantages

  • Stylish appearance.
  • Suede lining provides warmth, especially in cold weather.
  • Beautiful colors.
  • Smash SD is easier to clean than Classic Suede.
  • Offered in a very economical range.
  • A wide range of widths, from narrow to very wide.
  • Classic retro style.
  • Ideal for walking all day.

 3 disadvantages

  • The low height of the shoe makes it snug against the upper legs, even when the laces are loose.
  • Does not fit the size.
  • Short-lived.


Smash SD is a good choice for those who are looking for sports-oriented sneakers. The model is presented in male, female and children's sizes.

Puma Smash SD STYLE

Puma Smash SD has a stylish suede upper, lace-up closure, comfortable tongue and ankle cuff with cushioning and Puma formwork. Smash SD sports sneakers have a classic style that blends seamlessly with any casual item. People on the go can feel at home thanks to the performance and style of Smash SD.


Puma Smash SD has a leather formwork that sets it apart from Puma Classic suede. Rubber-soled herringbone pattern provides excellent traction.


Puma had the courage to introduce Puma Smash Leather, a classic tennis shoe made in the shape of Adidas Stan Smith back in 1968. At that time, Puma depended on Smash's sheer performance and aesthetic appeal to capture its market share. Just a year after the overwhelming success of Puma Smash Leather, a suede version has been unveiled. Puma Smash is now considered a major player in performance and lifestyle with a more restrained style. Smash SD served as a workout for great athletes such as Clyde Fraser and Tommy Smith. During the 80s, he achieved an improved level of fame among hip hop and street wear lovers. Smash SD is one of Puma's most famous sports styles to this day.

In addition

  • Puma Smash SD has a cushioned footbed that provides a secure and comfortable fit.
  • It offers enhanced ankle and arch support.
  • It has a soft suede top and a classic tennis look.
  • A herringbone-like outsole provides very good grip on a wide variety of surfaces.

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Puma Smash SD

Puma Smash SD is tennis-inspired shoes, but it can also be used for running. Smash suede provides reliable support for the ankles and arches, ideal for all-day walks. This shoe might be the perfect choice for people who are looking for comfortable retro style sneakers.

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