Vans Old Skool Platform Black/White
Vans Old Skool Platform Black/White

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Vans Old Skool Platform Black/White

Old Skool Platform-original model of Vans for skateboarding with the famous white stripe. The upper part of the model is made of a combination of dense canvas and suede, soft edging for support and flexibility of the foot, platform sole and a recognizable waffle protector.

Texture: 52% leather, 48% textile Sole: 100% rubber

9 reasons to buy

Some of those who purchased the Vans Old Skool platform consider the sole thickness to be ideal.
The Vans Old Skool platform is a great addition to the classic Old Skool , one online commentator noted.
Anyone who has used them for skating says it provides the right balance.
According to one of the testers, compared to Chuck Taylors, they hold up better mainly because of the thicker sole.
Because of the added height, it allocates a more narrow silhouette, which is preferred by the reviewer.
A couple of buyers think the platform version is better than the regular sole.
Few people noticed that, despite the thick sole, it remains light.
It is mentioned that they are more convenient than regular Vans Old Skool.
Some users appreciate the color track because it doesn't detect dirt quickly.

3 reasons not to buy

I would like to have additional laces that go with the shoes.
A large number of people complain that shoes only fall apart during a short period of use.
Many users hope that more colors are available for the Vans Old Skool version

Size and fit

The Old Skool Vans platform, thanks to its rich experience in skateboarding and its heritage as a skating Shoe, provides a secure fit thanks to its durable suede and canvas upper. Eight loops and a lace-up closure enhance the adjustable fit.

Vans Old Skool Platform Style

Recognized by the skateboarding community, Vans Old Skool has leaked onto the streets as a staple wardrobe item, prized by various age ranges and spheres of life. This performance literally rises with the sole on the platform. Its thickness is the right amount to make a statement, but muted enough to wear daily.

Because the old Skool platform from Vans has the same style as its easily identifiable OG, it has the same versatility and carries an old-school cool vibe. Although platform soles are closely associated with women, guys can also wear this model without losing their masculinity. Here are some of the recommended styles for men and women:

Vans Old Skool Platform for men

For a simple look with an almost imperceptible twist, the combination of a black Vans Old Skool platform with a white shirt and skinny black jeans.
Add some pizza and stay true to your skating heritage by combining it with shorts, a basic t-shirt. High socks are not required.
Touch the cool retro vibe of shoes by wearing a tracksuit that matches the shoes. It will highlight the side bar, keeping everything in monochrome mode.

Vans Old Skool hair styling Platform for women

Utilitarian may be trendy, but it's also a style that doesn't go out of fashion. To get the look, Olive-colored vans Old Skool Platform sneakers are best.
Get the style of a California girl by matching it with a dress. The easier the better. Torn denim shorts will immediately add an image to the beach.
Sports recreation does not seem to go out of fashion. To get the unique look that many celebrities do, a cropped jacket, t-shirt, leggings, and these sneakers are an unsurpassed combination that is worth trying.

Known features

The classic side stripe gets a new spin with the Old Skool platform. The added feature of extra height is translated to an additional level of style and comfort. This is then reinforced with a padded insole and padded collar that pays homage to his skating heritage. Like its predecessor, the Vans Old Skool version for the platform has a reinforced toe that provides durability during repeated wear.

History Of The Vans Old Skool Platform

Founded in 1966, brothers Paul and Jim van Doren, along with business friends Serge Delia and Gordon Lee, created the Van Doren Rubber company in Anaheim, California. Unlike other Shoe stores, the Vans store model includes both display and production. The sticky soles and rugged profile of their Vans shoes instantly appealed to skateboarders, especially on its second model - Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, # 95, also known as Era.

Eleven years after the brand's launch, a special "jazz band" was conceptualized from random drawings by its owner, Paul van Doren. From his notebook, the logo was incorporated into the design of the Shoe, which has since become the "side stripe" of Vans. Famous for previously calling their shoes numbers, the iconic Vans Old Skool was named Vans # 36 . In addition to its unique style feature, the leather panels, the first of which for the brand, became a hit among its fans due to its increased strength. At the time of its first launch in 1977, the shoes were available in three colors, but the Stacy Peralta version with the Royal blue number was the most popular.

From skate parks to city streets

The 1980s were an era of creativity for Old Skool fans. Because of its versatile silhouette, the Shoe has become the perfect canvas for individual design and a more creative outlet. This paved the way for the brand to imprint in its DNA that its shoes are an expression of personality, opening its doors in a customizable feature in 2004.

Vans Old Skool went beyond the 1990s, when they became known in different markets from skateboarders, celebrities and hip-hop fans. Teaming up for a long-term partnership with Supreme, Vance made a remarkable moment in sneaker history by launching the first collaboration called Old Skool '96, one of the most eye-catching pieces among sneakers.

Pushing the boundaries further, the beginning of the Millennium meant being big on the music scene. The development of the punk scene involved sneaker in his deep involvement in the culture and part of the band's form.

Since then, the shoes have undergone various repetitions from adjusting their color and silhouette. One of the releases is the Vans Old Skool Platform sneaker, which carries the profile of the original model, but with a shorter sole.

Additional information

The platform measures 1 ½ inches.
The Vans Old Skool platform has a signature waffle sole for maximum grip.
These sneakers can be purchased for $ 65 on the brand's website.

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Vans Old Skool Platform Black/White

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