Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial
Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial Adidas Spezial

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Adidas Spezial

10 reasons to buy

Adidas Spezial shoes are available in several color options.
The owners of the shoes feel comfortable in it.
Many people highly appreciated the lightness of Adidas Spezial sneakers .
High-quality materials used in this Shoe.
Affordable price.
Excellent Spezial cushioning.
They are supplied with additional laces.
The steam has sufficient ventilation.
Versatility of the pair.
These shoes look even better in reality than in photos on the Internet.

3 reasons not to buy

This pair is a bit narrow. It is suggested to buy half a size larger than the usual size of the buyer.
They get dirty easily.
Owners do not like that the pair needs to be separated.

Fit & Size

Adidas Spezial shoes have a unisex design, but are only available in men's sizes. Men's Adidas Spezial sneakers are available in sizes from 6 to 14 with an average foot width. Adidas Spezial shoes in women's sizes may not be available, but with its unisex style, ladies are free to purchase a pair for themselves. Women are recommended to purchase 1-1.5 sizes smaller than their normal size for a better fit. This model has a lacing with flat cotton laces for a comfortable and adjustable fit. The shoes also provide sufficient cushioning for the tongue and collar to increase comfort and support suitable for all-day use.

Adidas Spezial Style

Adidas Spezial low-rise, which are very often mistaken for Adidas Gazelle, as they both display the iconic T-Toe overlay and suede upper, show a single classic look that recalls the decade in which they were introduced, i.e. the 70s and 80s. Their upper is made from premium treated suede to maintain vintage style with a contrasting three-stripe stripe and heel for character. Adidas has released wonderful shades of Adidas Originals Spezial to make classic sneakers look more casual. Here are some of the most popular color solutions:

Adidas Spezial Royal Blue

The suede upper is made in blue with a gold lettering on the side. The solid-colored upper conveys a luxurious suede construction, located on a rubber sole.

Adidas Spezial Grey-orange

Adidas presented Adidas Spezial in a color combination that is sure to impress many viewers. Grey suede upper with bright orange details on the side, tongue and heel.

Adidas Spezial Black-Green-Gum

This classic t-Toe sneaker features a black suede upper and a green Adidas logo on the side and tongue. All this is positioned on the sole to give an authentic retro appeal.

Adidas Spezial Cardinal Black

This model is made of red suede and black leather with matching laces that contrast with the white midsole. This model was also completed with a signature black leather trim on the side, lettering on the tongue and heel.

Adidas Spezial Red Gum

The red top is highlighted with gold details on various parts of the sneakers. For a great appearance and increased comfort, additional cushioning with perforation was added to this model. The simplicity of Adidas Spezial quickly turned them into basic sneakers for men's and women's casual look. This Shoe has a simple design that makes it easy to combine them with almost any everyday look. Men can wear these sneakers with sports shoes, or rolled-up trousers, completing the image with a t-shirt and cap. Meanwhile, ladies can wear this pair with any relaxed ensembles, such as leggings, shorts, and even with their dresses.

Known features

Many users praise the timeless appearance of Adidas Spezial shoes, whose silhouette appeared in the 70s. The brand has kept all the details that made this silhouette a real everyday classic. The Three Stripes re-introduced these iconic sneakers in a treated suede upper with a remarkable elastic band to give the Shoe a real kick.

Adidas Spezial History

In 1979, the Adidas Spezial was first released in Germany as a handball sneaker. They were worn by some of the world's most outstanding players from Holland, Germany and Scandinavia. Handball is an indoor game that requires shoes to withstand heavy conditions, which can withstand sudden movements and strong friction. During the Casuals movement in the ' 80s, these handball shoes became a major hit in the fashion world. Several travelers praised the comfort and stylish facade of Adidas Originals Spezial. Like other models from the Adidas Spezial collection, they realized that these athletic sneakers go perfectly with jeans and other casual men's outfits from the 80's. Adidas Spezial is made of high-quality suede with excellent cushioning. They are placed on thick rubber with a heel panel for additional reinforcement. This Shoe shows a simple look, which increases its versatility. Meanwhile, rubber improves the impact function of sneakers. The first Adidas Original Spezial released were white / black, red / white, white / blue. The Three Stripes brand expanded Spezial's color ranges and was adopted by various designers and specialty sneaker stores. Forty years after they were first introduced, the brand relaunched them with timeless elements such as top-quality suede, iconic Adidas branding, and rubber. The Primeknit version was also launched recently. Adidas Spezial Primeknit showcases a familiar silhouette, upgraded with a lightweight and durable woven upper.

Additional information

Adidas SPZL shoes are made from a durable suede upper for comfort and flexibility.
The sole is inspired by a wedge for superior traction. The four-zone design is designed to increase speed in a fast sport called Handball.
Superimposing a T-Toe on a sock increases strength and maintains a retro style.
The Adidas Spezial logo is on the tongue.
The "Spezial" callout with the Trefoil logo is printed on the side.
On the sides of this Shoe are sewn three strips of leather.
The rubber sole is marked with the Trefoil logo and a tread to improve grip on surfaces.
These sneakers come with additional laces.

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За сезон приобрели поношенный вид. Замша пачкается особенно на носках. Внутри протерлись в пяточной области до дыр (искусственный материал низкого качества), сквозь которые начали просматриваться картонные (!) вставки. Отмечу, что все упомянутое произошло за 2-3 месяца, при этом в футбол в них не играл, по грязи не ходил, эксплуатировались в спокойных городских условиях. Еще один недостаток (или особенность): носить с брюками обычной длинны неудобно, штанина забивается за слишком высокую поддержку на пятке, что само по себе выглядит не очень симпатично. Сожалеть приходится в основном о том, что при стильном и интересном ретро-луке носить эти кроссовки как основные практически невозможно, они разваливаются прямо на ногах. Полагаю, что всему виной погоня уважаемого мной бренда за прибылями, в результате чего производство удешевляется в ущерб качеству. Эти кроссовки можно носить неделю. Мне есть, с чем сравнивать, когда-то были практически неубеваемые адидасы немецкого производства.


Adidas Spezial

Adidas Spezial has maintained its iconic status in the field of running shoes and in the field of sports due to its strength and lightness. Praised for its appearance and long - lasting sole, the brand decided to stay true to the original look, without sacrificing the main elements of sneakers-their comfort and style. This is a true champion for retro lovers and people who pay tribute to fashion, comfort and accessibility.

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